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Shipping boats is a specialised service requiring experience, and should not be left to chance.


Whether your boat is a 60′ cruiser, or a 26′ trailer boat, will greatly influence the complexity of the shipping process. Yacht transport is a very specialised field and it’s important to talk to experienced boat shipping professionals like us so we can advise you on best practices and pitfalls.


We take care of all the red tape like Customs, Quarantine, and port formalities, including arranging boat lifts in or out of the water at port, pier, or anywhere else.


If you haven’t bought your boat yet, and you’re just trying to budget if an import boat is viable, then we’re happy to help. If you don’t know exactly where you are going to purchase from, or you’re undecided about exactly which boat you will buy, then best to give us a call.


Phoenix Shipping specialises in auto shipping which means we can help import a variety of vehicles. Essentially we can move all sorts of vehicles throughout the world. Here’s a quick breakdown:


– Cars & Utes

– Caravans & Motorhomes

– Trailer Boats

– Motorcycles

– Heavy Machinery & Trucks


Auto shipping is completely different from general cargo and thus requires a specialist to get it done right.

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