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Phoenix Shipping arranges all modes of safe, secure and reliable storage & forwarding. This includes RO/RO, containerised and conventional movements of personal and commercial shipments.


We offer quality wholesale and retail services to freight forwarders, importers, exporters and manufacturers in Australia. Our team of dedicated freight and customs professionals is ready to make your caravan shipping experience hassle-free.


  • Specialist Worldwide Caravan Shipping
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  • Unpack & Cleaning
  • Import & Export Parts & Projects
  • Direct Caravan Imports from the United Kingdom, USA & New Zealand

Caravan Shipping


Phoenix Shipping specialises in caravan imports and a variety of other vehicles. Essentially we can move all sorts of vehicles throughout the world. Here’s a quick breakdown:


– Cars & Utes

– Caravans & Motorhomes

– Trailer Boats

– Motorcycles

– Heavy Machinery & Trucks


Caravan shipping is completely different from general cargo and thus requires a specialist to get it done right.

Worldwide Shipping


Common Questions Answered In Regards To Caravan Shipping Into Australia


There are two ways caravan imports get delivered to Australia, just like most vehicles. Caravan shipping will either happen via a RoRo vessel or in a container. There are a few factors to consider when deciding between the two. Sometimes there is only one option or method to transport caravan imports into Australia. 


Caravan shipping via a RoRo vessel is reasonably straightforward to explain. Think of a RoRo vessel as a multistory car park that transports vehicles across the world. Your caravan is simply towed onto the vessel at the departure port and towed out at the destination port. Naturally, local trucking companies will carry the caravan in and out of ports to your desired location. 


Caravan imports in a container have to be under a certain size in order to fit. A high cube 20ft shipping container has an internal length of 5.9m, a width of 2.35m, and a height of 2.7m. Thus, if your caravan does not fit within these dimensions, an alternative caravan shipping method must be arranged. If length is the only issue, there are high cube 40ft containers with an internal length of 11.9m. Of course, the 40ft container will cost more but it may still be more cost-effective than RoRo in some cases.


Although these are generally the two options available, some ports will only ship goods through containers. Therefore, you may run into a situation of your caravan being too large for a container and without RoRo available. In these circumstances, caravan shipping will need to be done via an alternative route, which may be the nearest RoRo port to your location. 

Yes, caravan shipping along with your car is indeed possible. Whether you are coming for a holiday or permanently moving to Australia, bringing your caravan with you is an option. 


The best method of transport will likely be via a RoRo method. You can picture your car towing your caravan into one big multi-level car park sailing the ocean. Keep in mind that the cost of caravan shipping along with your car will be based on the dimensions. Therefore, you should make the length, width, height, and weight of your vehicles as small as possible to minimise costs. That may mean removing antennas, side mirrors, roof tents, or anything that can be easily removed and reinstalled. 


As briefly mentioned, car and caravan imports are particularly popular with those who are seeking to travel across Australia. Getting a Carnet means you may qualify to import your caravan and car and avoid duties and GST on import. Of course, that only applies to temporary caravan imports and the vehicle must leave Australia within 12 months of entry. We advise shipping your caravan ahead of time as it can take a month or more to get here. Naturally, that depends on the distance between the departure and destination ports as well as available vessel space. Caravan shipping from NZ will of course take fewer days than caravan imports from the UK for example. On the other hand, caravan shipping from Saudi Arabia may take just as long as from the UK regardless of distance due to other factors at play. Those may be anything from indirect routes to Australia, lack of vessels doing the route, or in fact vessel space.

The answer is simple. There’s plenty more variety in large overseas markets and hence many people contact us with caravan shipping requests. The extended options from type, make, and model means you can get the unique features you want. After all, most people who consider caravan shipping are looking for a long-term solution. So, why settle for anything other than the unique features, design, and specifications that you’ve dreamt of? 


While Australia is a great destination, it’s a relatively small market compared to economies across the world with large populations. The United Kingdom for example is a great source for caravan imports. The United States has an even bigger range of caravan imports for you to choose from. With caravan shipping times ranging from 30 to 40 days, it’s well worth the wait for most of our customers. In fact, if you’ve bought in America, caravan shipping from Los Angeles can be even quicker in most cases. 


Moreover, dipping your toes in international markets means you are much more likely to find a bargain. Even with the caravan shipping costs to consider, you can actually save money compared to buying locally. 


When it comes to caravan imports, an expert freight agent in the field can make the process a breeze. Granted, there are many things to consider. From sourcing and logistics, compliance and regulations, and caravan shipping costs, it may seem overwhelming. Before engaging in caravan imports, you should thoroughly research the market and potential suppliers, and consider your budget and needs. If you do your homework and work with the right people, the benefits far outweigh any potential downsides and pitfalls. That is why so many in Australia consider caravan shipping as a serious option for them.

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