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Regulations on importing and exporting motorbikes are different for each country. However, there are certainly some common procedures in motorbike shipping.


  • Your motorcycle needs to be be spotless and clean to avoid any issues with quarantine on arrival.

  • All motorcycles need to be crated unless shipping as a group in a container. In most locations we offer crating, battery disconnection, fuel draining and petrol draining in line with shipping requirements.

  • There are special requirements on the type of wood that can be used for building crates, so if you intend to crate your own motorcycle either use a steel crate or build it from what is known as ISPM15 timber. If in doubt leave it to us, non-compliant timber can’t be shipped.

  • In some countries (like New Zealand) we can apply for GST exemption. There are some criteria, but as a rule of thumb if you are emigrating to the country and already own the bike then we can apply for an exemption for you.


Phoenix Shipping specialises in auto shipping which means we can help import a variety of vehicles. Essentially we can move all sorts of vehicles throughout the world. Here’s a quick breakdown:


– Cars & Utes

– Caravans & Motorhomes

– Trailer Boats

– Motorcycles

– Heavy Machinery & Trucks


Auto shipping is completely different from general cargo and thus requires a specialist to get it done right.

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