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Importing Motorhomes Into Australia


Finding the correct shipping & logistics partner to manage the process of importing your motorhome into Australia on time and for the best price has never been more important.


There are multiple factors that you need to consider:


  • Price
  • Inclusions & Exclusions
  • Motorhome Import Approval
  • Paperwork & Customs
  • Transport & Logistics

We are specialised motorhome importers Australia wide. Phoenix Shipping can handle the entire process from start to finish. With our help, It won’t be long before you are exploring Australia from the comfort of your own Motorhome.

Motorhome Importers Australia


Phoenix Shipping specialises in importing motorhomes into Australia and a variety of other vehicles. Essentially we can move all sorts of vehicles throughout the world. Here’s a quick breakdown:


– Cars & Utes

– Caravans & Motorhomes

– Trailer Boats

– Motorcycles

– Heavy Machinery & Trucks


Motorhome importers in Australia provide a unique service that is completely different from general cargo and thus requires a specialist to get it done right.

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Common Questions Answered In Regards To Importing Motorhomes Into Australia


The short answer is…maybe! Before you begin importing motorhomes into Australia, you must get import approval from the Department of Infrastructure as stated here. You can make your application through the ROVER online portal. 


To get your approval for importing motorhomes into Australia there are a few things you are required to provide: 


  • Photo ID (passport or driver’s licence).
  • Commercial Invoice or Bill of Sale for the motorhome. 
  • Overall shipping dimensions (total height, length, width, and weight).

We can help you with the application or do it on your behalf if you choose as your freight agent. 


Motorhome importers Australia wide will realise that the process can be quite complex from the start. That’s because there are multiple parties at play and hurdles to jump in the process of importing motorhomes into Australia. From local transport, to export clearance, Border Control, shipping space, Customs, import clearance, and compliance, just to name a few. That’s why using a freight agent, like Phoenix Shipping, that has experience with regular motorhome importers Australia wide is beneficial. 


It also depends on the origins of the motorhome that you would like to import. Motorhomes sourced in New Zealand or the UK will typically be easier to import than from other countries. The fact that they are right-hand drive is of course a big factor in this. However, there are also fewer compliance hurdles to jump due to the electrics and spec regulations aligning with Australian standards. 


Ultimately, we recommend you choose a freight agent that specialises in handling motorhome importers Australia wide. On that front, you’ve come to the right place by partnering with Phoenix Shipping. 

The cost of importing motorhomes into Australia will typically vary based on the vehicle’s dimensions and destination. In terms of dimensions, shipping lines will usually consider the cubic meter rate first. To get that number, motorhome importers Australia wide, multiply the height, length, and width of their vehicle. If the motorhome is past a certain weight threshold, it is priced on the weight instead.


That is why motorhome importers Australia wide must consider minimising the dimensions of their vehicles as much as possible. That means removing any antennas or loose parts that add to the overall height, length, or width of their motorhome. 


Let’s say that you are looking at importing motorhomes into Australia. The dimensions of the particular model you want to import are 2.93m high, 5.845m long, and 2m wide. This motorhome stands at 34.25 cubic meters overall. If the price is calculated at $150 per cubic meter, the freight to import this motorhome equals $5,137.


The other aspect that we alluded to already is the departure and destination ports used by motorhome importers Australia wide. Let’s assume that you want to import your motorhome from New Zealand for a cross-country trip here in Australia. Well, if you were to ship to the east coast ports in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, the cost is different to ports in Adelaide or Perth. Destination ports in Adelaide or Perth will likely cost around $500 to $1,500 more than the east coast ports.  


Although there is no standard price for importing motorhomes into Australia, we hope this helps you get a rough idea. To get a better idea, get in touch with us with your motorhome make and model details and dimensions.

While cars will usually have a set price regardless of make or model, vehicles higher than 18cbm are priced differently. Importing motorhomes into Australia falls under the latter category as they are typically bigger than 18cbm in size. 


The price of importing motorhomes into Australia will vary depending on the cubic meter rate (length, width, height) and weight. Regular motorhome importers Australia wide will know that the key to keeping costs down is minimising these figures. They do this by temporarily removing antennas, side mirrors, and any other external features that increase the cubic metter rate. 


Naturally, you can expect the price of importing motorhomes into Australia to be larger than that of cars or bikes. However, for seasoned travelers or those who want a specific motorhome model, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Those are in fact the main reasons why motorhome importers Australia wide choose to import over buying locally. 


Another point of difference is that while cars and bikes can be transported via container, many motorhomes are too big. Therefore, the only option for motorhome importers Australia wide would be to transport on a RO/RO vessel instead. The good news is that most countries with a variety of sought-out motorhomes have regular RO/RO shipments to Australia. The most common country sources of motorhome importers Australia are the UK, USA, and New Zealand. 


Safety and compliance standards will also differ from motorhome imports and car or bike regulations. It is important that you do your due diligence well in advance of importing motorhomes into Australia to avoid disappointment. Speaking with a company like Phoenix Shipping which regularly helps motorhome importers Australia wide is important. 

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